Make Every Day Earth Day; Wasteland Rebel

We believe that every day should be Earth Day. That’s why this week we are shining light on people and organizations that are helping to save our planet all year round. Today we are recognizing zero waste blogger, Shia, also known by her social media handle, Wasteland Rebel.

Shia is a vegan and minimalist, who is living a plastic and waste free lifestyle. She started her journey a few years ago when she realized it wasn’t necessary to be living in a remote, off-the-grid area, in order to live sustainably. She learned it was easy to make small everyday changes, which helps the environment by significantly reducing waste.

While currently residing in Germany, Shia shares blog articles that give insight into how to make simple changes that allow one to live more sustainably. With over 67,000 followers on Instagram and 9,000 on Facebook, her positive influence reaches far and wide. Followers are drawn to her as she is highly relatable and understands it is difficult to change habits overnight. Instead, Shia imparts thoughtful insights into what we can gradually do to reduce our carbon footprint. She offers easy to make natural beauty recipes, and lists alternative products to replace plastic ones. She has also written a book called ‘Zero Waste’ where she provides life hacks on how to live waste free.

Shia is an inspiration to us as someone who celebrates Earth Day everyday! She is a fantastic example of someone who is helping save our planet now so that it may prosper for future generations. We applaud her for being able to fit an entire year’s worth of trash into a single mason jar!

You can learn more about Shia and how to live waste free on:


Instagram: _wastelandrebel_

Facebook: @wastelandrebel