The Humble Co. at Google Environment Day

The Humble Co. is delighted to announce that we were selected to participate at Google's third annual Google Environment Day 2019, held at the Google HQ. As the only oral health care company present, we're humbly honored to be selected. This one-day event celebrates the company’s environmental commitment and their dedication to sustainability initiatives around the globe.

”Being selected by Google as the only oral care company to participate, is an honor and testament to our hard work and success in the US.” - Jimmie Berggren, CEO, The Humble Co. USA

Googlers are invited each year to take part in the employee-only event, that consists of many interesting talks about new renewable energy and technology and tips on how to live sustainably. The events aim is to raise awareness of the sustainability initiatives that happen in the company. In addition to this, the employees are encouraged to discover sustainable lifestyle choices they can make for themselves, their family and their communities in their everyday life. The Humble Co.'s products have been selected to be sold internally at the Google offices all around the US.

We had a wonderful day at the event, had interesting discussions with insightful Googlers and got the word out about our humble efforts towards a more sustainable future.