The Humble Co. Celebrates World Oral Health Day

We celebrate World Oral Health Day to highlight to raise awareness around oral health and the importance of oral hygiene. This year's theme is 'Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health' and highlights the importance of oral health for a healthy body.

Oral health is fundamental to general health and well-being. Poor oral health affects the quality of life as a result of pain or discomfort, tooth loss, impaired oral functioning, disfigurement, missing school time, loss of work hours and sometimes even death. Oral diseases are among the highest prevalent health conditions in the world. The 2015 Global Burden of Disease Study estimated that oral diseases and conditions (untreated tooth decay, severe periodontitis, and tooth loss) affect 3.5 billion people worldwide1. The WHO has declared oral disease as a critical public-health problem (alongside alcohol, health, and nutrition of children, food safety, tobacco use). Good oral hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors and having a regular dental check-up from early in life can help maintain optimal oral health into old age.

All of the Humble Co.'s products have been conceived, designed and manufactured under the guidance and supervision of dentists. As dentists, we believe that first and foremost, our products must have an evidence-­based benefit and must perform effectively. We have therefore put significant time into testing and refining all our products to meet this priority.

Do you want to check if you practice good oral care? Use this checklist to see how many items in the checklist you can tick.



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