The Humble Co. and RFSL Send Rainbow Kits to Opinion Leaders with Rotten Values – allows Swedes to send the same kit anonymously to others

Do you have a relative or colleague who needs to freshen up their rotten values? Now, during the global Pride month, the initiative “Wash Your Mouth” is being launched. Anonymously, you can order a kit, including a rainbow toothbrush, toothpaste, and educational materials from RFSL, to be sent to someone who needs to update their opinions for a fresher aftertaste in their mouth. The kit is also sent to opinion leaders. Behind the initiative are the Swedish toothbrush company The Humble Co. and RFSL.

We live in a time characterized by change and uncertainty where prejudices and hate are taking up more space in society. Recently, we have heard several homophobic and transphobic, and offensive statements in the public debate in Sweden. As recently as April this year, in connection with a parliamentary debate on the new gender identity law, Leonid Yurkovskiy (SD) criticized gender self-determination by saying that there are also people who identify as animals. Many Swedes can probably relate and have likely heard one thing or another in the lunch room at work or at family dinners.

To encourage opinion leaders and individuals with rotten values to update their opinions, The Humble Co. and RFSL are now launching the Wash Your Mouth initiative. The rainbow kit is sent directly from The Humble Co. and RFSL to opinion leaders. Allies and the public can engage in the initiative by ordering the same kit from The Humble Co.’s website to a relative, colleague, or friend who they believe has rotten values or expresses themselves in an outdated way, and who they believe needs a fresher aftertaste in their mouth.

"The purpose of Wash Your Mouth is to encourage stinking opinion leaders and other individuals in society to wash their mouths of rotten opinion and thus contribute to a more inclusive society. The tone in the LGBTQI debate is becoming increasingly hateful, and we therefore believe it is more important than ever to encourage people to spread love instead of hate,” says Patrick Verkland, COO of The Humble Co.

"How we talk about and with each other determines what kind of society we create. With the Wash Your Mouth initiative, we want to encourage everyone to review their view of humanity and learn more about how we can create a society where all people feel safe," says Felix König, Head of Communications and Advocacy at RFSL.

The Humble Co. has been a partner of RFSL since 2022. With its Proud Collection, The Humble Co. contributes to RFSL’s work for a more inclusive society by donating one krona for every sold product in their Proud Collection.

The rainbow kits are sent anonymously from The Humble Co.’s website here. The educational material for Wash Your Mouth is available on RFSL’s website here.

About The Humble Co.
The Humble Co is part of Humble Group AB, a Swedish foodtech and FMCG group that offers products that are good for people and the planet. Humble Group focuses on foodtech, eco, sustainability, and vegan products. The company’s technical solutions, refined through scientific research and extensive market experience, facilitate new formulations and recipes that improve the taste and texture of the next generation of sugar-reduced, sustainable, and vegan products.

About RFSL
RFSL – The Swedish Fedartion for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex Rights.