The Humble Co. is launching Floss Picks for children - shaped like a dinosaur and flavored with strawberry

The innovative oral care company, The Humble Co., is introducing an exciting new product to its children's product range: Kids Floss Picks. With a groundbreaking design focusing on both user-friendliness and entertainment, they aim to make dental care both playful and easy for children. Now, taking another step in their oral care routine.

The recommendation for children is to start flossing when they have two or more teeth touching, with the help of an adult until they can do it themselves. Using the Kids Floss Pick, children should gently remove hidden impurities by working between each side of each tooth, just below the gum line, every day before brushing.

"Our Kids Floss Picks are a natural part of our product development where we constantly strive to challenge and improve the tools available to enhance children's oral health," says Olivia Gelin, Marketing Manager at The Humble Co.

Kids Floss Picks are plant-based and consist mainly of cornstarch. The extra strong thread makes the floss pick reusable. It is simply rinsed off after use and stored in a dry place between uses, like a regular toothbrush.

Recommended price: 44 SEK.
The product is available at and online pharmacies from the beginning of May. Kids Floss Picks comes in a pack of 30.

About The Humble Co.
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