Toothpaste Glass Jar | Kids Strawberry 60ml | The Humble Co.
Toothpaste in glass jar – kids strawberry with fluoride 60 ml - The Humble Co.
Toothpaste in glass jar – kids strawberry with fluoride 50 ml - The Humble Co.
Toothpaste in glass jar – kids strawberry

The Humble Co.

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back to basics.

we’re constantly challenging the status-quo and this time around we’ve brought back an all time favorite, glass. take your brushing game to the next level with gentle yet effective ingredients, packaged in all-natural, time tested goodness.

✔️ zero waste
✔️ vegan
✔️ SLS-free
✔️ dentist approved

Customer Reviews

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Seth C
Great product for all ages

I give this strawberry not only to my kids but to my nieces and nephews. They love it and with a toothbrush with colored bristles, you kind of have to ask them to brush less!

Very good!

I love this toothpaste, because it doesn't leave an aftertaste and sometimes I just don't like how spicy generic mint toothpaste is. This is so good.

Ideal for eco-conscious autistic adult

I realised I am autistic as an adult and in this journey I’ve realised life doesn’t have to be so hard. Not everyone gets super overwhelmed by the sensory experience of brushing their teeth. So it’s okay to use a kid’s toothpaste to make that easier. I love the flavour and it doesn’t foam as much as supermarket toothpastes I’ve tried. This has transformed my dental hygiene because I can consistently brush my teeth comfortably! On top of that, I don’t have to experience the guilt of using plastics all the time. I definitely recommend this!

Sanna Bråding

Vi uppskattar smaken och doften och den är enkel att använda. Och såklart att den är vegan och cruelty free. Däremot kladdar locket lätt fast vilket är det enda minuset på denna tandkräm.

Kiera Davis
We love it!

My family and I all love the humble co’s toothpaste in a jar! My kids actually want to brush their teeth now because of the taste ha. And it helps us move towards a more eco friendly zero waste lifestyle!